System Administrator has set policies to prevent this installation

"System Administrator has set policies to prevent this installation"

Chances are you are running one of the Windows Vista Home Editions or one of the Windows 7 Home Editions.

This issue seems to only happen on the "Home Editions" and is probably because Microsoft did not include one of the User Access Control (UAC) Control Panels in this edition.

Unfortunately this makes it difficult to run the installer without disabling UAC - and we do NOT recomment disabling UAC!


Alternate install method (the things you type are in blue - replace "Your Name" with your account name):

1. Download the installer (in Internet Explorer use Save rather than Run) - note where the file gets downloaded to (e.g. C:\Users\Your Name\Downloads - might be different)

2. Run a Command Prompt as Administrator


    A.     Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories

    B.     Right-click on Command Prompt and select "Run As Administrator"

3. In the Command Prompt (the black window that opened) - change to the directory you noted in step 1

    cd "C:\Users\Your Name\Downloads"

    Note: You need the double quotes ("...") if there are spaces in the path

4. Verify the installer is there


    (you should see the installer you are looking for - e.g. FinancialSnapshot-1.4.2.msi)

5. Run the installer


    (type the name of the installer you downloaded)


The installer should run and install the software without errors. Repeat this for any other installers you have.