Getting Started

Welcome to Financial Snapshots!

The guide will get you quickly started.

(if you are using Financial Snapshots with a USB key - see the note at the bottom of this document!)


The very first time you run Financial Snapshots, it will ask you if you are legally allowed to sell securities:




If you are, click Yes. 

If you're not sure, you can hit cancel and we'll ask you again next time.


Next, Financial Snapshots will ask you for your License Information:



If you are evaluating Financial Snapshots for the first time - click 'Request Trial' to get a free 30-day trial license for the software.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Financial Snapshots - enter the Product Key (*) you received when you first purchased the software - then click 'Activate'.

If you would like to purchase a Product Key for Financial Snapshots, or for more information, call your marketer at Dressander or BHC Marketing.

(*) If you can't find your Product Key, you may retrieve it by clicking HERE. If you have trouble retrieving your Product Key, log an issue HERE - be sure to include enough information for us to find you!


Financial Snapshots will then retrieve your license:



Once your license has been retrieved you will see the following:




If you run Financial Snapshots again in Trial Mode you will see the following:



You can continue your Trial by clicking 'Continue Trial' if you have already purchased a Product Key you can enter it here and click 'Activate'.

In addition - you can Activate your software at any time from within the program by selecting 'Enter Product Key' from the Help Menu:





Special Note for USB Key Users...

If you are using a USB Key for Financial Snapshots - you can still use the new versions! 

In order to use the USB Key - you should run "Financial Snapshots - For USB Key Users" rather than "Financial Snapshots". They are both the same program - it just adds an option to tell the program to use the USB Key!