Client Data Backup

3 Ways to Backup Your Data

Export your Clients

You can export individual clients for backup. Select the client which you wish to backup and then select 'File - Export Client...'. You can also right-click on the client and select 'Export Client...'.

To Restore:  Select 'File - Import Client...' and select the .xml file for the client you backed up.  This will restore the backed up client as a new entry in the client list.

Database Checkpoints

On the 'File' menu is an option 'Database Checkpoints...'. You can use this functionality to create a checkpoint of your database at anytime. Be sure to set your 'Checkpoint Path:' so that you know where the Checkpoints will be stored.  Version 2.1 and later: The system will create a Checkpoint for you automatically every Friday.  It will keep up to 16 of these auto-backups.

To Restore:  Select 'File - Database Checkpoints...'.  Choose a Checkpoint to restore from the list on the left.  After you select a Checkpoint, the table on right will show any clients that have been modified since that Checkpoint was created.  Choose individual clients from the list (or click the 'All' button to select all the clients) then click 'Restore Selected...' to restore those clients to the backed up data.  It may be a good idea to create a new Checkpoint before clicking 'Restore Selected...' in case you restore a client's data you didn't mean to.

Backup the Actual Database

You can backup the actual database file by backing up the 'client_db' file from the Application Data directory. Normally the Application Data directory is hidden by Windows Explorer but you can access it if you know the path. In the examples below, replace <User> with your login name.

Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Local Settings\Application Data\tkLABS\Financial Snapshot

Windows Vista / Windows 7

C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\tkLABS\Financial Snapshot\client_db

To Restore:  Copy the 'client_db' file back into the path above.